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#41: Erick ‘ESG’ Garcia

Erick Garcia is an American rollerblader and photographer. Erick is a staple of NorCal rollerblading, from history-making stunts during Bay Area traffic to shooting photos for FilthJuice. Known better as ESG, he’s “El Presidente” of the Juiced Sucka Foos, a crew formed in the Battle My Crew days. On this episode, we talk about his […]

#35: Chris Haffey

Chris Haffey is one of the best rollerbladers ever. Before his Nitro Circus stop in San Jose, Chris gives us the full story behind his newly-revitalized “Bone Crusher” nickname, the good ol’ days of watching VHS skate videos until the tape broke, and talking about the one thing he hates most about rollerblading. He also […]

Blader Digest: Blader Dating

I wrote on this once and deleted the entire post. I don’t want this to come off as some whiny diatribe about how something, something, something. Lord fucking knows the internet needs another one of those. This is only meant as a humorous attempt to talk about something that happens from time to time. If […]

Blader Digest: Juicing up the kids

It was a hell of a week: Taig Khris dropping long, Brandon Campbell relaxing, the history of Senate, Colin Kelso’s view on life, Leno & blading terrorists, international travel, Fallon’s dreams and “Beanie.”

Blader Digest: A New Home

Ah, it’s nice to be able to stretch out when you’re given some room, isn’t it? Thanks to Justin Hertel and the AMall family for hosting this column for the last few weeks, but alas, it was time to move out and get a place of our own. Myself, Jose Fuentes, and a slew of […]