Monthly Archives: February 2013

Blader Digest: It’s Never Been Colder in the D

My Dearest Bitter Cold… I’ve hoped I’ve never had to write this. I imagined us growing older together. You have, after all, seen me from youthful optimism to the harsh reality of the gray hairs in my beard. I was hoping to one day usher in a son through your doors and explain, “Yes, my […]

Blader Digest: On Being Free

The best thing about being American is all the different flavors of bullshit they can serve in your bowl. You name it, we’ve got it. We’ve got enough guns to fight off any army and we have enough young men to die in foreign wars and enough religious people to picket their funerals. We have […]

Blader Digest: TL;DR — Spend the Money

Let’s face it: Tanya Harding could have come across as a gangster if she wouldn’t have pulled that pussy shoelace bullshit in the Olympics. Why is that relevant? Because there’s a lesson in there somewhere and I’ve had the kind of day that makes you think about that. There’s Taco Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, and Fuck […]