Monthly Archives: January 2016

#41: Erick ‘ESG’ Garcia

Erick Garcia is an American rollerblader and photographer. Erick is a staple of NorCal rollerblading, from history-making stunts during Bay Area traffic to shooting photos for FilthJuice. Known better as ESG, he’s “El Presidente” of the Juiced Sucka Foos, a crew formed in the Battle My Crew days. On this episode, we talk about his […]

#40: Kevon Thompson

Kevon “Biz” Thompson is an American rollerblader, musician, filmmaker, and creator of the 2013 blading documentary “I’m Still Here”. We discuss NorCal and SoCal, Black Market, Big Wheels as a gateway drug, making instant best friends with Gregory Preston in a middle school English class, who was behind ThemXNiggas, white dudes in dreads, how poetry […]

#39: Pat Lennen

Wonder what happened with Pat Lennen? Most known for his stunt skating in videos like Leading the Blind and Drip Drop, Pat got his start by flipping over Ferraris. A pro for the K2 skate brand fresh out of high school, Pat talks about his purple pro skate, how he pulled off the tricks he […]