#41: Erick ‘ESG’ Garcia

Erick Garcia is an American rollerblader and photographer.

Erick is a staple of NorCal rollerblading, from history-making stunts during Bay Area traffic to shooting photos for FilthJuice.

Known better as ESG, he’s “El Presidente” of the Juiced Sucka Foos, a crew formed in the Battle My Crew days.

On this episode, we talk about his experiences working for his parents carpet cleaning business, how cess slides are a sign of financial independence, his relationship with K2 skates, getting into photography, and, of course, smoking weed.


Follow him on Instagram: @juicedsuckafoos


Erick in Valo V:


Humble Beings:

Break song: “Juiced” by Zyme (Jared Majors)

If you’d like to know more about the JSF crew, read the article I wrote for AggressiveMall.com when they launched the JSF/AM Juiced line.

Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans

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