Monthly Archives: January 2015

RTP: The Thing About Bill Cosby’s Penis…

Being a child actor is no easy game, especially when your childhood hero was Bill Cosby. Kennan returns to the Rock Town Podcast to exercise his demons while his cousin, Salty Jake, forces him through conflicted memories of Jello Pudding Pop commercials, anti-drug ads, and moving Theo out of the Cosby house. We’re long overdue for an episode, so […]

Blader Digest: Happy 20th Birthday, Rollerblading!

It may now be the year of the Hover Board, but professional rollerblading—the way we do it—turns the big 2-0 in 2015. It’s been two decades since aggressive inline skating got its first international audience with the inaugural “Extreme Games.” Yeah, rollerblading in the X-Games exists only in VHS-pixelated memories, but at least we’re more […]