Monthly Archives: December 2010

Blader Digest: People Who Ruled 2010

2010 was pegged to be the year rollerblading made its comeback. Depending on what you were hoping for, the year was unquestionably a great one for everyone in skating. If your year on blades wasn’t a quality one–barring serious injury or dismemberment–I don’t feel bad for you. What you put into skating is what is […]

Blader Digest: Quality/Quantity

Sorry to those of you that were actually looking for a column last week. Unfortunately for you, but fortunate for me, we had some really nice weather here in the Bay area. So instead of watching skating, I spent all weekend actually doing it. It’s a blessed benefit of living in California, but it’s also […]

Blader Digest: Han Mother F—ing Solo!

Whew. That was a fun fucking week. Really, awesome. But how was your week? … Yeah, I know. That Wikileaks thing is getting intense. … No, I didn’t change my Facebook profile picture into a cartoon character. I try not to openly engage in slacktivism. … What’s the point of “raising awareness” if people won’t […]