Monthly Archives: December 2011

Blader Digest: Best of Blading in 2011

‘Twas a good year, surely it ‘twas. We had some laughs. We made some new scars. Our hearts raced at finding new spots, and they sank when old ones were destroyed. We’ve made some new friends, and maybe some new bladers. We may creak a little bit more when we wake up, but we’ll keep […]

Special Report: How I Fell in Love With Blading in the 21st Century

We here at Blade or Die were starting to lose faith. Thankfully, anytime we got down our buddy Zac Hutchings would always cheer us up with funny and insightful comments. Zac asked if he could write something for the site and, well, he fucking did. He gave us a great, heartfelt story about how he […]

Blader Digest: Chris Haffey Must Be Stopped

I am both annoyed and frightened for my own safety. People have threatened to kill me for my prior investigative journalism, but never in my days have I experienced such a clever, patient, and vindictive mind. I shall get the petty annoyances out of the way before I guide you through a diabolical plot so […]

Blader Digest: Shockingly Loaded

Whoa. Big things going on. Let’s get to it. WRS Uploaded If you’re awesome, you’ve been paying attention to the new final competition of the World Rolling series at Skaters from around the world having been competing via one-minute edits on spots of their choosing. It truly is awesome to see what people are […]