Monthly Archives: October 2014

Blader Digest: What Do You Do for Money, Honey?

Car accidents are the major killer of young adults in U.S., but if kids figured out how much work adult life is, suicide wouldn’t be No. 3 for much longer. I used to sarcastically (to the point of cynically) joke around at my last job that I was living the dream. I actually was in […]

The Blader Digest Podcast Ep. 02: Mead Avenue Hustle

I lied. There is a second episode. This time on the Rock Town Podcast, Krans sits down with Matty, Jay, and Moose at their apartment on Mead Avenue, one of Oakland’s most notorious drug havens. Besides open drug deals outside their living room windows, the boys talk lifelong flatrocker skating, the best riders to ever […]

The Blader Digest Podcast Ep. 01: Blading Cup Primer

We’re trying something a little different. We’ve gone from annoying your eyeballs and moved into your ear holes.   For our first episode, I sat down with Erick Garcia and Kennan Scott, the voice of the Blading Cup. This episode was recorded Oct. 7, 2014, in Kennan’s garage in Oakland, Calif. We shared some laughs […]

Blader Digest: Getting the Blood Diamond

Dearest Prospective Employer, Hello, my name is Brian Krans, and I’d like to be paid to do stuff. What kind of stuff, you ask? Since this economy and society doesn’t offer many openings for an investigative journalist, the financial suck-hole of media, the list of what I’ll do for money continues to grow. Plasma donation […]