Monthly Archives: August 2015

Podcast #25: Monday Night Shred

Hello, sports fans! For this episode, we take you out to Monday Night Shred in Union City—orchestrated by Wolves Den and Death Squad—for their tournament of champions. We’ll bring you play-by-play and in-depth commentary and more as three veteran rollerblading competition spectators decompress back at the Rock Town Garage. Strap into your seats here, people, […]

Podcast #24: Bruce Bales and the Roller Hockey Dream Team

Bruce Bales is a rollerblader, photographer, videographer, and host of the Iowa River Rumble. We talk about the zen art of blade maintenance, rollerblading as an art form, working for free, and drafting the USA vs. Canada Aggressive Roller Hockey Dream Teams. [The draft begins around 1:07.]   Here’s our picks for our ideal roller […]

Podcast #23: Bfree, Omezzy, and the Oakland Blade Jam

Brian Freeman and Omar Onitveros run the Oakland Blade Jam, which returns to Town Park on Sept. 19. We talked about the upcoming contest, the rich history of competitions in the Bay Area, recruiting new bladers with skate demos, and more. Please tag responsibility: #OaklandBladeJam2015 and @oakland_blade_jam Oakland Blade Jam 2013: Oakland Blade Jam 2014: […]