Monthly Archives: November 2016

#67: Kevin Chow

Kevin Chow has been everywhere forever. Kevin is a mainstay in rollerblading, from writing profiles for Daily Bread to being part of FISE in France, this Canadian-born Barcelona resident has had his hands in more rollerblading-related events than, possibly, anyone else. You can download the episode directly here, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. (Subscribe, if you […]

#66: Trump and the Riots

Sometimes I talk to myself. This time it’s about covering the 2016 election, rollerblading through the protests and riots that followed in Oakland, and the ramifications of underestimating the “fly over states.” The music at the second break is “The Last Days of Oakland” by the Fantastic Negrito. (You should buy the full album.) You can download the […]