Monthly Archives: September 2010

Blader Digest: Living on the Edge

Stop reading this right now and set your DVR. Or do the old school thing and watch a TV as it airs. Here’s what you’ll be doing: You’ll watch House on Fox tonight. As you’re watching it, pay attention to the filming. If you haven’t heard already, blading legend Vinny Minton shot for the show […]

Food for Feet: More Than Just Top Ramen

Chef Obe is back for yet another installment of Food For Feet. This time around, he cooks a dish close to the heart of any blader who cuts back on grocery costs to buy a set of wheels—Top Ramen. But, being as Chef Obe is, he makes it bigger, healthier.  and sexier. Here’s Chef Obe: […]

Blader Digest: Let’s Quit Everything

We all know that hate is the new love, but did you know that quitting is the new beginning? Yup, that’s right. You heard it here first. Well, not here first. Just everywhere else. But, yes, quitting is the new trend. See, there’s a whole lot of funny stuff going around. A few weeks back, […]

Blader Digest: Hate is the New Love

Without a doubt, this is the one thing everyone was talking about this week: Brazillionaire’s latest edit for Razors was titled “Thank You Haters” or “Living the California Dream,” depending on where you see it. Now some of my friends had a theory it was intended for people hating on rollerblading, but I’m pretty fucking […]

Blader Digest: Knockin’ ‘em Back

Get yourself a cold one because it’s been one hot, sexy week in blading and there’s a lot to cover. KELSO QUITS: So, apparently Colin Kelso wants nothing to do with any of his sponsors. Never afraid to speak his mind — especially about his true feelings about who’s paying his bills — Colin Kelso […]