Blader Digest: Hate is the New Love

Without a doubt, this is the one thing everyone was talking about this week:

Brazillionaire’s latest edit for Razors was titled “Thank You Haters” or “Living the California Dream,” depending on where you see it.

Now some of my friends had a theory it was intended for people hating on rollerblading, but I’m pretty fucking sure it was to all the people who have been hating on Razors lately. You could put me in that category, but I wouldn’t agree — that’s business. That’s something completely different.

So yeah, there has been a lot of talk about Razors lately: Don Bambrick‘s ousting, Game Theory, people’s preference to Brazillionaire’s editing style,  why there’s so much video out there of a sweaty Brian Aragon without a shirt on, etc.

So there was the edit. Like all shit gangsta, there were some white bitches from the suburbs, meaningful lyrics flashed on the screen, ballin’ ass whips, Twitter references, and a shitload of good blading from one of the sports best teams.

And, like all things, people barely hesitated a second to talk loads of shit on it and praise it at the same time. Last I checked, there were 232 comments on Rollernews. Here are some highlights (or low lights, depending on what side you’re on):

Sorry, but I must interject here: rollerblading worried for too long about what everyone else outside our industry thought and that’s what got us here. We tried doing everything the way everyone else wanted and were dumped for something everything else.

It’s beginning to happen with skateboarding. Pay attention to the signs. It’s coming (for the love of Dog, the SF Giants recently gave out skateboard decks as a souvenir). Once everyone thinks something is cool because that’s how people manufacture it, that’s when the larger society start ditching it. Remove the individuality from something and it’s nothing more than mass-produced bullshit.

Or we could appoint a council. Yeah, that’s what we need: a council. A group of people, or maybe even just one, to tell us what market research, popular culture, teenagers — the same things that make Lady Gaga so famous — and all needed factors determine what is cool and what isn’t.

Then we’ll know what to wear, what to say, what music to listen to, what to read, what to think, how to act, how to live, who to respect, who to love, who to hate, who to…  You get the idea. Never, ever again will you have to decide for yourself what you want to do. We’ll all agree. And if you’re thinking that’s a bad idea just remember there is the greater good to consider.

Many influential people have done that and have drastically altered history.

You know what?

Let’s not do that. That’s fascism and that sucks.

(Side note inside the present side note: When doing a Google image search for “fascism,” this came up:

Go back and look at the stars again. I’ll wait.

Take your time. I’m going to watch the Revolution “Who We Are” edit.

So, notice something funny in there?

Yeah, I thought I spotted the TheM Goods logo too, but I’m guessing while Jon Julio and Brandon Smith have some major pull in blading, I doubt their pull on the populous would be anywhere close to being grouped in with Microsoft, Apple and others. It’s actually the logo for Travelers’ Insurance, while very, very similar.)

Besides, rollerblading is as much an industry as auto manufacturing in America is still an industry. It’s sad, it’s true, but bitching anonymously on the internet will not help it more than buying a Toyota will save Detroit.

Okay, back to those pesky comments.

I’d love to have found more love, but there wasn’t really much.

I’m going to reserve my opinion on the edit because for Christ’s sake there have been enough of them already. I’ll bitch, moan, and harp when someone is acting like an idiot or asshole, but the hell if I’m going to rip on someone’s style, whether it their skating or edit style. Style is subjective, therefor my opinion on it doesn’t fucking matter.

However, I will say this: it looks like everyone involved had a hell of a fun time filming for it and I’m certain that’s the point of skating.

Note to self: get a Razor’s house.


So there’s this comp coming up…

(^ ^ ^ Hey, look at that shameless self-promotion.)

Well, the big deal — besides the fact that BladeorDie’s own Jose Fuentes is running that bitch helping organize the comp, despite some personal NYC-style luck lately — is who is throwing down the cash for the prizes.

See, there’s this place called California. San Francisco, to be specific. And, in said state it is legal to buy and ingest marijuana if you have a doctor’s note. And then you can buy your drugs medicine at places called “dispensaries.”

Say it with me: Dis-pen-sa-ries.

Very good.

One of these places in aforementioned city is called Bernal Heights  Dispensary (Collective).

So, not only is there a place where you can shop for marijuana legally to ease your aching muscles and joints (Pun, bitches!), but there is also a place that loves the fuck out of blading for many, many reasons.The man behind this is named Johnny.

And, is very common, behind every man doing good is a good woman. Skating legend Dawn Everett just so happens to be paired with Sir Johnny. Basically, he loves skating because Dawn loves skating. It’s cute, nice, and everyone wins.

When there was a Tuesday night sesh, they donated money to the top skaters of the night, just for shredding. And there’s more rollerbladers per capita working there than there are bladers selling marijuana without the medicine.

Again, weed and blader supporting.

No, you’re not high. It’s real.

Now, they’ve put up the cash for the latest Kind Grind Classic. Why is this relevant to anything other than Johnny and Dawn just being bad asses?

For that, I’ll turn it over to some JSFPeter D and ESG:

Oh snap! Oh shit! Snap! Shit! Snit-snap-pappilly-crap!

There is a point in there, but if I have to make another Detroit-rollerblading reference five months before Bitter Cold I’ll snap and punch myself in the dick till either my cock or my hand falls off, whichever comes last.

Rollerblading is supported by skaters. And one cool-ass dude with dreadlocks named Johnny (through a female skating legend, of course). If all this makes you want to high-five them, come to NorCal for the comp and do it in person.


But, hey, since this column is about rollerblading, let’s talk about the actual skating part of it.

Here’s a whole bunch of shit you should have been paying attention to:


Alex Nunez has been at the heart of New York’s skating scene forever. So when there’s a sesh at the Maloof Skate Plaza in Queens and Alex is there, there’s going to be some shit. Case in point, here’s something from a sesh there on Thursday:

Oh, whatever could he be winding up for? What kind of awesomeness is about to happen? I mean, yeah, the title of this does contain the words “Fakie Fiving” but fakie 540 to what!?! Oh the suspense!

Well, since apparently too stupid to get Vimeo encoding right on the deadly Vimeo/Word Press/Apple combo, you’ll have to go check it out this particular I Roll NY Clip of the Week #39 on Vimeo.

Go ahead, check it out. I’ll wait.

Fucking-A, right?

While the trick was awesome, it came in honor of the saddening recent death of NYC blader Brandon Gutierrez.

It’s been a tough week for the NYC skating scene. Not only did they go through the loss of a skater, but it was also the birthday of Brian “Cozmik” Scott, so there were two memorial sessions in one week. Oh yeah, and the anniversary of the Sept. 11th attack on the World Trade Center just so happened to be Saturday.

That, and in the same year the infamous Brooklyn Banks gets a fence put around it. Bastards.

I know New Yorkers are tough motherfuckers and all, but shit man, that’s a lot for one skate scene — albeit the world’s largest — to handle. Got nothing but love for all of ya.


This fucking guy…

Allan Beaulieu wins the award this week for shit I didn’t see coming.

Parkour elements in blading are always appreciated.

However, someone needs to get him some sensitive skin laundry detergent because the one he’s using is obviously making his skin itch.

Poor guy.


Photo by Craig Smith, (as seen on

Normally, I’m a little squeamish about little kid edits. Thanks to all-too-inexpensive technology, making an edit doesn’t take much, so everyone is fucking doing it. There are some really, really inexperienced skaters that should be spending more time working on their tricks than making sure their curb-tapping antics are captured and set to shitty rap music. That, and I’m doubly skeptical of one-spot edits with kids. I’m not going to hop in the comments section and spew hate on them, but most of the time I just don’t even click play.

That being said, Rolling Updates featured  an edit featuring Tom Coley-Sowry shredding a potentially killer rail (that shit on the left side is beyond sketch) in Wheelers Hill, Australia.

Kid fuh-king shreds. Fuck it, he wins the I-didn’t-expect-that award. Sorry, Allan.

No matter how old little Tommy gets, I’ll be watching his skating. I suggest you do yourself a favor and take a gander into another shining installment of rollerblading’s future.

Tom Coley-Sowry: One Minute One Spot from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

(Whoa. Vimeo worked. That calls for another horrible pun.)

Speaking of one-spot edits…


Be-Mag’s got another gem (Pun No. 2, bitches!) on their Vimeo Channel: a great skate park edit with Richie Eisler and Dustin Werbeski.

All I want to do know is skate really, really fast.

You will too. Just watch by clicking here: One Minute One Spot with Richie Eisler and Dustin Werbeski from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Fucking do it. I can wait… again.


It was pretty good, huh?

Blade or Die,

Brian Krans

P.S. German automobiles.


  • Fuck Razors, their clanky skates, and their bro frat team of braillionaire glore. After Lame Theory they’ll make Brink 2 starring Nick Uhas. and yeah Aragon will be his bitch. but he’ll smile 10x for every angle of a perfect true fish none of us really care about.

  • and in the meanwhile we’ll all be sipping brandy watching the Valo 4 Life premiere getting mad tail and reminding ourselves how good it is to be on the outside.

  • I just brought the HAIGHT to hate.

  • Andrew Scherf wrote:

    good shit man. always love reading your work.

  • Lol dont diss Nick Uhas. I like what you were getting at with the panel of people to tell us what we do and dont like and all that shit. If you meant what I thought you meant as in you were being sarcastic and saying that if we have to live our lives by what other people tell us then we are just weak then i agree :D

  • corey buller wrote:

    superb writing for my reading.

  • Its true its been one hella of a sad week in nyc we are all feeling weird this week, the scene as a whole has taken way to much between brandon cosmik and 911

  • FYI – $5,000 was paid out at this year’s SDSF Open. $3,500 for 1st, $1,000 for 2nd, and $500 for 3rd.

    Hella props for Bernal Heights for securing the park and laying down well over $1,000 in prize money PLUS $100 for best trick.

    The Kind Grind Classic doesn’t just keep rolling, it is growing! Maximum respect.

  • I know Johnny pretty well, and I know he promotes teamwork in everything, having come from a background in team sports (baseball and football). I’m pretty sure he has involved a lot of people in the planning/decision-making process for the contest, and would not appreciate any one person taking credit for “running that bitch.” If you could tone it down just a little I would really appreciate it, thx. That being said, get well soon Jose, godspeed in your recovery! And of course I can’t wait for the comp, gonna be crazy!!

  • soak your numies wrote:

    Love for the sport is an amazing and limitless property. It can be spread from individual to individual just by sight and contact. I would like to personally thank Dawn for spreading this love to Johnny. You speak the truth when you say that there will be many people involved in running this bitch. It’s going to be the start of big things in the bay area and It’s gonna take all of us to get it running!
    By the way, somehow Jose is still smiling throught all of this. Inspirational shit today, inspirational shit!

    Get someone to blade-day.

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  • I would have to agree, razors would get a lot less shit from people if they just toured, kept it real, and what not. If i wanna see people riding in rentals, i’ll watch some music videos.

    And my German Auto is far from being rented lol quality reference

  • AidsMcBoheen wrote:

    Wow thats some deep boheen right ther!

  • It’s not the total amount, $5,000 vs $1,000, that wasn’t my main point. My point is that it’s just pathetic that a private individual, with no real incentive to promote rollerblading outside of personal love for it, invests close to the same amount as major industry players, who have all the incentive in the world to promote the sport, pay the professionals, etc, etc. Do the math, just in the prize money, SDSF = $5,000 in prize money, a 4 star WRS stop, the WRS is supposed to be our MLB, our NBA, our NFL… the only remaining competition circuit in rollerblading… and a local KGC is bringing in 1/5 of the earnings that a 4 star WRS spot is paying out.. in my opinion there’s just something wrong with this picture.

    The point of my argument is not to put down the WRS, or SDSF, the point of my argument was to try and get people thinking about where our industry leaders are putting their money, which companies are investing in rollerblader(s/ing) and helping them maintain a living, which companies are portraying rollerblading in the way that YOU/US/Rollerbladers want it portrayed as… Guys, it really is a small industry, not many people believe in the power of being a consumer, but in our industry every person holds a lot of power.. you decide what skates to buy, what clothes, accessories, etc… So it doesn’t take much to before the company owners are forced to take notice and make changes.

    On a side note…

    I know many, many people helped to make KGC happen (I know all of you personally and that’s the way it has been ever since the 1st KGC…) that hasn’t changed, what has changed is that someone finally stepped up to the plate and gave kids a new reason to show up to the comps and bust their asses. The unfortunate part is that when someone like Johnny puts on a competition it brings no name recognition back to a single company/entity within rollerblading, in essence promoting nothing else except the rollerblading competition itself. And I have no qualms with that, none what so ever… but if rollerblading really wants to pick itself up it would use every opportunity at it’s disposal to market companies and build brand names. Make it known that Company XYZ is officially sponsoring the comp, put up some banners, let people know they put up the prize money, etc, etc..

    Here’s an idea, how about, Bitter Cold Showdown 2011 brought to you by Valo! or… Razors, the official sponsor of the 2011 SDSF Open… something along those lines… it would create competition within the skate companies for the rights to officially host/sponsor an event, which in the end would mean more prize money for skaters, better and more direct marketing for the companies involved. Instead of individuals taking responsibility for competitions, organizing them, going out and begging companies for sponsorship… When will the industry leading companies take control of what’s theirs and create their own Comps/Tours, etc. The way it is in every other competitive sport in the world?? I understand that we as rollerbladers have this inherent fear of following the footsteps of anything that even remotely resembles the “mainstream”. But that doesn’t mean that other industries can’t provide insights that can be applied to our own.

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  • antirocker wrote:

    I think its sick someone would put that kinda money up for a rollerblading comp. That is really cool.

  • […] all know that hate is the new love, but did you know that quitting is the new beginning? Yup, that’s right. You heard it here […]

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