Monthly Archives: June 2011

Blader Digest: No More Rollernews

I haven’t been writing on rollerblading much because, well… Actually, there are a lot of reasons. I guess as I get older, there’s more to experience and do. Some of it has to do with rollerblading, some of it doesn’t. Some of them are distractions, others are steps closer to doing what you want to […]

Blader Digest: Listen Up Now

This is all I’ve got for now. Blade or Die, — Brian Krans

Blader Digest: Jesus Rollerblading Christ

Aww shit, son! It be all mother fucking June. That mean it all be nice out  and shit for months. Get them fucking blades out, son, it be mother fucking June! Or not. Maybe if it’s raining where you are like it is here in sunny San Francisco, then you’ve got too much time on […]

Food For Feet: Injury Food

Missing a truespin grind and splitting a rail, sliding out, earning another scrape on the knee that is visible from the top side of your jeans, as you watch the blood pool, anticipating the sting you will be receiving once you hit the shower. Bruises, cuts, strains, a sprained ring finger, Blading is not for […]