Monthly Archives: April 2017

#77: Blader Union

If you’re like me, you’re realizing that Facebook isn’t the best place to get your news, especially if you’re behind on the latest VOD. For a long time, rollerblading has deserved a better solution to aggregating blading content besides Rollernews. That’s why Daniel Nodzak and Travis Stewart—the moderators of /r/rollerblading on Reddit—started The site […]

#76: Feet Four

If you’re as big of a fan of the Feet video series as we are, you’ll be pumped to hear that Feet 4 is in motion. Lonnie Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Jonathan Labez, Rob Guerrero, and Mike Obedoza visited Oakland for the weekend to get clips for Feet 4. After a full day of skating, we […]