Monthly Archives: February 2012

Blader Digest: Blunts, Cunts, Strippers & Drugs

In 1966, a book came out that publicly displayed the inner workings of a fringe culture involving regular gatherings of hundreds of slobbery drunken hulks of muscle and steel. They regularly risked their lives and safety to live and do as they saw fit, even if they didn’t fit into the larger society. Most importantly, […]

Hutch: Notes from a Love Child

Zac Hutchings is back again, this time even happier and more optimistic, a charming thing we hope our young Australian friend never loses, unlike the rest of us jaded old bastards here at Blade or Die. Again, he comes away with a strong, passionate message about what we all love. Without any other bullshit, here’s […]

Blader Digest: Blading in Your Face

Cruising around San Francisco, you’ll see some weird shit. It’s actually the only reason why anyone would build a city on such hilly terrain: you can get some good views of all said weird shit. The weirdest—WEIRDEST—thing I’ve been seeing a lot more of these days looks something like this: Every time I blade to […]