Monthly Archives: June 2010

Blader Digest: Always Learning

It’s been a fun week, as usual. Everyone across the globe has been doing some sick shit and providing a TON of free entertainment across the internet. So long as President Obama and Sen. Joe Liberman don’t use the kill switch to shut down the internet, we’ll always have more good blading shit to watch […]

Blader Digest: Big Name Skating

The City That Never Sleeps. Cowen, Cohen, Cullen. Mix Tapes. Writing for Hallmark.

Blader Digest: What Line of Decency?

Your weekly rundown of blading, including Duck Hunt, the party up in Canada, dead babies, idiots on Twitter and some bitching cone skating.

Blader Digest: Big Ol’ Guns

Okay, I know I’m late. I would have had this column about blading done on time if I wasn’t busy blading on my own and fucksing with some Oakland A’s baseball, a BBQ, some crazy ass Norwegian girls, a few hours of sleep, more blading, .50-cal Dirty Harry guns and assault-style shotguns, another BBQ, peeing […]