Blader Digest: Always Learning

It’s been a fun week, as usual. Everyone across the globe has been doing some sick shit and providing a TON of free entertainment across the internet. So long as President Obama and Sen. Joe Liberman don’t use the kill switch to shut down the internet, we’ll always have more good blading shit to watch while nursing any skating injuries you might have.

As always, if you’ve been too busy or too lazy to check yourself, here’s your weekly breakdown of the best (or most messed up) of the week in blading:

If you really, really haven’t been paying attention:

So there was this contest. Then there was an entry involving toast and coffee. Then there was tons of slathering of the internet trying to get people to “like” something. Sounds easy, right? Fuck no. Trying to get some people to do anything, even if it’s liking a YouTube video, is fucking hard.

Since there’s a multi-billion dollar industry that cares only about where you click your mouse, it’s kind of a big deal. Well, Kevin “King Dirty” Dowling did it backwards, getting free clicks to get some money. And what happened?

As Kevin put on his FaceBook page:

This is my “I just won 5k dollars, a new Olympus PEN and a chance to get blading some love” face. Thank you to everyone who LIKED my entry! Now who wants to help me save blading?

An incredibly large CONGRATS goes out to Kevin for all his work spreading the word about his project, which now comes with a camera, a budget and a huge audience to show what blading has been up to since anyone last checked. If the video is anything even close to Footage Tape, it’s going to kill shit like the BP Oil Spill.

(And no, it’s not too fucking soon for that joke. Fuck BP. Really, we’re so fucked that Kevin Costner has to save us all? Since when did reality become a sequel to Water World?)

The only way Kevin’s success (Dowling, not Costner) could have a rain cloud over it was if he didn’t take the opportunity to do the Wayne’s World “We’ve Got $5,000″ dance over and over.

AMall Trick Tips:

It might be summer and school might be out, but the staff of Amall and their handy p-rails want to make sure you keep learning. First off last week was the always entertaining Neil Chen with the goods on how to air some trannies. Taiwan’s best import, Neil is all about showing you how to boost at the San Jose skate park where he’s all about ripping shit up on a regular basis, or even for a Kind Grind Classic or two.

Up next is the blading with the comic book hero name, Shawn Storm. When not bench-pressing small buses or getting hyphy in Vegas, Shawn can throw down a true fish more times than Amall owner Justin Hertel can backslide to 270 out (That reference will make sense to you sometime soon).

And here’s Shawn. Make sure you watch to the end.

Jerf and Fish…

… in one edit. There’s nothing more to say.

If you liked it, thank The Conference.

Big Fucking Ledges:

The guys over at Rock Killers have some great shots posted from their A Chosen Few Street Comp last month, along with a ton from Iain McCleod’s birthday celebration. But it appears the comp took place at some big fucking ledges that were fit for some big ass skating.

True words

Not wanting to steal too much from their site, check out the comp pics on their site, not ours.

Ode to Japan:

Itchy is the man

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:  Ben Rogers over at ONE Magazine can fucking write. That said, this week he explores the influential roots of Japan in the blading world.

It’s a great piece for everyone, especially for anyone who thought the Mizu had anything to do with Missouri. If you’ve ever busted a Makio and wondered why it was called that, then you should read the article.

And in China:

If you’ve ever taken a look at your world, noticing all the great transitions around that would be fun as hell to skate if you were, say, four inches tall then you’ll really appreciate what the Chinese do when they’re looking for new ways to sell pots and pans.

I don’t know about you, but if my foot hopped out of a pan like this, I’d call the company’s complaint line followed promptly by a fucking exorcist.

The most messed-up blading post ever:

I’m a simple man. I like pretty things, I like dope things. I like fucked up things.

That said, you post something on a blading forum like this:

and I’ll be drawn to it quicker than any straight guy would be to this picture:

Because I was looking for a way to use this signature from Be-Mag

So, where does that YouTube link go? Well, if you’re at work and want to keep your job or if you’re not interested in the NSA or CIA looking further into your computer history DO NOT CLICK “PLAY”!

For the rest of you, enjoy what some on the Iowa Connection find entertaining.

And on that note, I’ll call it quits.

Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans


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