Podcast #25: Monday Night Shred

Hello, sports fans!

For this episode, we take you out to Monday Night Shred in Union City—orchestrated by Wolves Den and Death Squad—for their tournament of champions.

We’ll bring you play-by-play and in-depth commentary and more as three veteran rollerblading competition spectators decompress back at the Rock Town Garage.

Strap into your seats here, people, because if you’re not buckled up, the battle for the belt will blow your blades off.

Guests, in order of appearance, include: Joey Agustin, MC Challe Walle, Jeff Asi, Stephen “White Wolf” Babcock, Bryce Bonn, and Matt Bolger.

Check out Wolves Den at wdnation.com.

To support the podcast, order goods from RockTownPress.com.

Intro music is “Devils Poker” and the outro music is “I Ain’t Dead Yet,” both by The Afterdarks.


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