Podcast #18: Skookum

Skookum is an all-blader rock band from Oakland, comprised of Sean Salazar, Patrick Calilung, Brendan Tidd, and Brian Shima. Sean and Pat stopped by the Rock Town garage to talk about the meaning behind their name, picking a rock star death, and blading before playing. This podcast features music from their live set on May 27, 2015, at the Stork Club in Oakland, Calif.

Check out Skookum on Bandcamp and follow them on Instagram.

TootsCheck out Skookum at 9 p.m. this Saturday at Toot’s Tavern  in Crockett, Calif. Find ol’ Swanny Cash and tell him you heard about it on the Rock Town Podcast. He’s got a $10 bill to cover your cover and first beer.

Swanny Cash

Swanny Cash

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Podcast #17: Chris Dafick

Chris Dafick is one of modern rollerblading’s most prolific nomads and currently en route to Spain. He stopped by the Rock Town garage to talk about blading, the Shredweiser life, the need to always keep moving, and looking up from your phone every once in a while. Visit shredweiser.com and follow them on Instagram as @shredweiser. […]

Podcast: Michael ‘Gumby’ Braud

Michael “Gumby” Braud is a do-or-die blader from the South living in California. He talks about his new video, “On the Rise,” almost dying, peeing blood, the right-wing side of UC Berkeley, childhood dreams of being a stuntman, the unionizing of rollerbladers, and $100 skates. Michael would appreciate if you supported his Kickstarter to pre-order […]

Podcast: San Jose Street Comp

On Saturday, Aggressive Mall hosted the first San Jose Street Comp. Here’s your audio coverage of the event, including guest commentary from Korey “Sneaky” Waikiki, Jose Fuentes, B.J. Bernhardt, Joey and the Wolves Den Crew, and others. Support for this podcast by buying goods from Rock Town Press.  

Podcast: Wasted Woodward Weekend

Victor Arias guest hosts this episode of the Rock Town Podcast as he and friends invade Woodward West for a three-day weekend full of blading and other shenanigans. His guests, including E. Rod, Dave Lang, B. Free, Peter D., Cameron Talbott, Matty Shrock, Raymar Hardy, and Chef Paco, host their own industry meeting and talk […]

RTP: The Thing About Bill Cosby’s Penis…

Being a child actor is no easy game, especially when your childhood hero was Bill Cosby. Kennan returns to the Rock Town Podcast to exercise his demons while his cousin, Salty Jake, forces him through conflicted memories of Jello Pudding Pop commercials, anti-drug ads, and moving Theo out of the Cosby house. We’re long overdue for an episode, so […]

Blader Digest: Happy 20th Birthday, Rollerblading!

It may now be the year of the Hover Board, but professional rollerblading—the way we do it—turns the big 2-0 in 2015. It’s been two decades since aggressive inline skating got its first international audience with the inaugural “Extreme Games.” Yeah, rollerblading in the X-Games exists only in VHS-pixelated memories, but at least we’re more […]

Blader Digest Podcast: Bailey and Martz

Erik Bailey and Kyler Martz are Boise blading brothers, to say the least. In this episode, Erik, a Valo pro for nearly 12 years, and Kyler, whose art is ubiquitous in blading, talk about taking second place in a booty-shaking competition, famous blading spots in Seattle, suitcase tattoo parlors, the highs of painting indoors without ventilation, […]

Blader Digest Podcast #7: F33t Drinking Game S#!+ Show

What goes better than beer and blade flicks? Beer, blade flicks, whiskey, and a pre-determined set of rules designed to get your quite drunk. This episode feetures John Vossoughi, Matty Schrock, Danny Malm, Tyler Noland, Moose, and Young OG. They all watch F33t, the latest video from Lonnie Gallegos, while Krans and Tyler play the […]

The Unofficial F33t Drinking Game

Damn it, Lonnie. 2 Feet was one of my favorite skate videos, so it was exciting to see the long-awaited third installment of what I hope ends up running longer than Rocky or the Halloween franchises. F33T’s asking price of $25 online may give some buyers a bit of sticker shock, but since I’ve already […]