#139: Pow-wow 10 Primer

Do you even Florida, bro?

Pow-wow 10 will be returning to the historic Kona Skatepark in lovely Jacksonville, Florida, March 12-15 for a long weekend of skating, camping, live music, and general shenanigans.

Phil and Krans talk with Blake Taylor over Skype about what to expect during the weekend, the bands scheduled to play, where and when beach day is going down, and other pro tips to make sure you get the most out of your weekend.

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#138: Kevon Thompson

Y’all want a snack? Kevon Thompson, better known as Biiz, is the host of This Week in Blade, a weekly roundup of all things blading news available on YouTube and Blader Union. Phil and Krans talk with him about the show, including some behind-the-scenes aspects of how he puts it together, what he’s looking to showcase each […]

#137: Jon Julio

“Anyone have an allen wrench?” – every blader at every skate park ever. Jon Julio is the owner of Them, a longtime skating legend, and among the oldest professional athletes in all of sports, according to Wikipedia.  Phil and Krans sit down with Jon to talk about running Them, ways to subsidize rollerblading, the 909s, […]

#136: Caleb Smith

Y’all ever skate 70 miles in a day? Caleb Smith is a Team Rollerblade rider currently “ultraskating” the 470-mile journey between San Francisco and Los Angeles along California’s infamous Highway 1. We met up with Caleb at a taqueria in Half Moon Bay at the end of his first day to talk about preparing for  […]

#135: Dan Collins

Better late than never… Dan Collins is a U.K.-born shredder who was visiting the U.S. last year to skate in the Blading Cup. Rock Town co-host Levi Sebastian caught up with him on the last leg of his adventure to talk about living in Australia, LAX’s holding facilities, and much more. This episode’s cover art […]

#134: An Actual Podcast Episode

Hey, ‘member us? We know it’s been a long time, so Brian and Phil catch up on a variety of topics, including Phil now riding for Rollerblade, why a JSF pro skate is overdue, Be-Mag’s blading awards, fake news, and more. You can directly download the episode here, or stream it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. (Subscribe, if […]

#133: Filthy Fiesta 3 Primer

Hey! Come win a loaf! Filthy Fiesta 3 is going down at noon on Oct. 12 at Third and Army in San Francisco, Calif. The last two events have been hella fun because they’re not competitions. They’re fiestas. Phil, Cameron, ESG and Krans talk about past events, including the beloved long-jump contest complete with motorized […]

Rollerblading and a #MeToo Moment

 by Brian Krans Nearly two months ago, Victoria Acevedo posted on Instagram that she was “sexually abused by an American skater” while traveling through Europe in 2014.  In her July 15 post, she shared a photo taken of her outside the premiere for Formosa in 2018, smiling with a closed mouth and walking with her […]

#132: Phil in Australia

Here’s what’s not on this episode: Phil’s thoughts on Australian milkshakes. Rock Town co-host Phillip Moore recently traveled to Australia to visit his partner’s home and meet many of her friends. He took along his skates and a recorder to talk with some Aussie locals and a recent transplant. After coming back to Oakland, he […]

#131: Nate Herse (Akerue)

It’s okay, Shredpool. Our fingies are safe. Nate Herse is an engineer and a rollerblader who made some frames called Akerue. They look like aluminum skeletons. He tells Levi Sebastian, Brian Krans and Chris Bjerre about his thought process behind their design and construction and what it will take to make them available to the […]