#140: Blader Union Live-streaming Pow-wow 10

Coronavirus cancel your travel plans? BU has you covered.

Daniel and Travis are the brains behind Blader Union, who will be live-streaming all of the action at the 10th Annual Pow-wow Pro/Am in lovely Jacksonville, Florida. If you can’t make it out to Kona March 12th through the 15th, you can check out all the action live at youtube.com/bladerunion.


You can directly download the episode here, or stream it on iTunesStitcher, or Google Play. (Subscribe, if you feel like it.)

To keep up with all the moving parts, go to Powwow10.com, follow the Pow-wow on Instagram (@powwowproam_official)… and on Facebook.

Obviously you’ll want to subscribe to Blader Union’s Youtube channel to watch the live feed.

Here’s Biz giving you the biz on Pow-wow. (Just click the Youtube logo in the corner and then, as the Youtube kids say, hit that subscribe button and ring that bell so you get notifications when the live stream begins.)

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