Monthly Archives: April 2012

Blader Digest: Print Died With Daily Bread

Holy balls, let’s talk back-in-the-day type shit here! Hokay, so…, Jon Julio via his latest Tumblr page, and a shitload of other places have been dipping their hands heavily into the sport’s hayday, especially retro ads from our classic magazines ONE had slew of déjà vu-type journalism trend with some great pieces put together […]

Blader Digest: When Angry Youth Gets Old

So there I was, drinking a beer, putting fresh wheels on my skates, and watching Pariah. Sometime after B. Free ends a trick by jumping into a motel room and before Erik Stokely proved he’s got the best wall rides in the game, and I got to thinking, Man, this stuff is the shit. Really, […]