Monthly Archives: July 2010

Rob G and the Blackberry Chronicles

What I have always admired about Rob is how genuine he is with people, his kindness, the way he percieves life, and through doing what he loves, has been able to see the world with a pair of rollerblades on his feet. You couldnt ask for much more. Rob can skate almost anything, and can […]

Blader Digest: Fun With Bottles

MORE AT 10: World champ Brian Aragon has been a busy, busy boy. When not dominating comps, filming for Game Theory or pretty much kicking ass, he’s getting blading the kind of attention you won’t see on Now that he’s calling Cali his home, he’s recently been featured on San Diego news for, well, […]

Blader Digest: Criminal Intent

CRIMES AGAINST ROLLERBLADING? Immediately after my first time watching, all I wanted to have him yell was, “NO, YOU DUMB BITCH! I CARRY AROUND ROLLERBLADES BECAUSE EVERYONE THINKS THEY’RE SO COOL!!!” Just that thought idea was kind of funny because it would have been true: no one just carries around blades to look cool and […]

Blader Digest: JSF-tastic

The real deal Holyfield If you’re ever fortunate to be around Kennan Scott when he’s not doing what dads do and he gets into story-time mode, you’re in for a treat mainly because he’s been doing influential shit in blading long before your balls dropped. For proof of that, check out his roving-reporter skills from […]