Monthly Archives: July 2015

Podcast #22: Mike Opalek

Mike Opalek was on the original Senate team, and has performed stunts in such 90s classics as Airborne, Brink, Double Dragon, and Batman and Robin. Yes, Mike was an Ice Thug for Mr. Freeze in the worst Batman movie ever made. And he was one of the Preps in Airborne and on Team X-Blades in […]

Podcast #21: John Vossoughi, Neil Chen, Tyler Noland

Tyler Noland, John Vossoughi, and Neil Chen are three master shredders exploring Montana by escaping wildfire in Glacier National Park, putting in long days skating in the hot sun, and soaking in hot tubs full of dudes. This episode was recorded this on July 23, 2015, over a few pots of coffee and many cigarettes […]