Monthly Archives: October 2010

Blader Digest: Return of the Shredi

I’m very, very lost right now. I’m in a dark, scary place lit only by a small crack in the basic foundation of rollerblading, which we all know began in a galaxy far, far away. It’s as if I heard the sound of millions of voices being silenced at once. Like, something I thought was […]

Chris Haffey and the Number 222 (Pt. 1)

I believe in what Chris is doing for our sport—being on the front lines, traveling the world, and opening up people’s eyes to what we do. If you have ever had the chance to see him skate in person, you can see something else is there. That something has taken Chris all over the world […]

Chris Haffey and the Number 222 (Pt. 2)

Since Chris sent us a lot of pictures, we felt that it would be best if we broke it up into two  posts. So here is the second half… From golfing, to his love for beer, this is how Chris spends his time away from his blades…

Blader Digest: Some Menial Observations

There are certain things I know I will never understand. Among them are women, quantum physics, the commercial draw of Jersey Shore, and the supposed shared consciousness that is rollerblading-at-large. So, in hopes to clear some of those things off my list before I die, I’ll pose this question: What the hell is our Problem? […]

Blader Digest: Image is Everything

As I write this I’m blasted on cold medication, pain killers, and a slight bit of Jameson. If none of this makes any sense, contact our management for a full refund. Or blow me. I’m sorry. That last bit was a bit much. It’s not me, it’s the drugs. This Dude is 36. That is […]

Blader Digest: We’re Headed to the X-Games

This week couldn’t start any better. Mainly, because we’re gonna dig back into a little blading history, then punch forward into the present, whether you like it or not. Dion Antony: The Paparazzi’s new pal Oh, yeah. If any of you who remember the late 90s—as in you didn’t come out of the womb during […]