Monthly Archives: January 2011


This is a very hard part of the year. Sure, the weather sucks for a lot of people, but that’s not it. It’s the fucking waiting. Wait, wait, wait. Waiting for the Bitter Cold Showdown!!! Trade Show The nice thing about the Bitter Cold Showdown, disregarding the the fact it’s in Detroit in February, is […]

Food for Feet: Fine Dining at 7-Eleven

Looking back on the salad days when England and USD were the illest companies out, Julio, Latimer, Shima, Gillan showcased how cool blading was with the videos Volume and Coup De Tat. At that age, it was a time where instead of biking or walking, blading was the preferred form of transportation.  It gave the […]

Blader Digest: Work & Wait to Die

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I had a dream today: spend a day off of work and skate the city. I lived that dream. That’s why this thing is late. Deal with it. Yo, NY-fucking-C! Our homies over at iRollNY are putting together an edit contest exclusively for NYC skaters. We’re proud […]

Blader Digest: This is Our World

It’s been a week. It might have felt short or long, but it was the same length as every one before it. I promise you no one is messing with the space-time continuum just to make you feel dumb. If you did feel like you had a long week, or the one you’re just starting […]

Blader Digest: Live Harder

Hopefully your hangovers—or binges—have subsided and you’re ready to get back to whatever you need to do: school, work, or doing some shit you don’t want your mothers to know about. Yes, kids, this is 2011. We’re even further into the future than ever before. Still, sadly, I report this one glaring fact of our […]