Monthly Archives: January 2017

#72: Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy is an OG NorCal native. Since Murph and I had an hour to kill on our way to a session in St. Helena, I hooked up the audio gear in my truck and we recorded on our way north. We talked politics, comedy, what skating means now versus when we were kids, and so […]

#71: Shredpool

Shredpool is, well, he’s not Deadpool, but they are kin. They both stab people for a living. One talks about taking his rollerblades to a skatepark to show kids how it’s really done. This one does it. Ol’ Blade Skillson talks about his stockpile in the League of Xsjados, who can help him get himself into […]

#70: Jason Reyna

Jason Reyna is everywhere, from being the “Daniel Kinney of the Blading Cup” to being in Chris Haffey’s corner at the Nitro Games. Reyna was in Oakland for a turn-and-burn for work, so we took the opportunity to talk about being grown grommets, the different styles of skating today, what’s in store for the Forecast […]