Monthly Archives: October 2015

#31: Regardless

Regardless is the last completed video from Brandon Negrete. Released in 2011, Regardless features sections from skaters like Chris Haffey, John Bolino, Jeff Stockwell, Erik Bailey, Chris Dafick, Kruise Sapstein, and others. In this episode, host Brian Krans leads you through its soundtrack with music from artists such as Black Sabbath, Sleep, Dick Dale, Annihilation […]

#30: Jay Cottrell

Jay Cottrell—or Young OG as he’d prefer to be known—is an oddball in the blade game and we love him because of it. Off-mic and on blades, Jay is always about ad-libbing and just spitting out hilarious bits about fat women and his dreams to own his own hog farm. He’s a young man with […]

#29: Blade Video DJ: the ONE Video

A soundtrack makes a blade video. This new series shows appreciation for the songs that made good skate videos great, starting with #ONE. Directed by Conner O’Brien and released in 2009, the ONE Video contains music by artists such as LCD Soundsystem, Eagles of Death Metal, P.O.S., Saul Williams and more. You shouldn’t expect any […]

#28: Jose Fuentes

For this episode of the Rock Town Podcast, we’re joined by Jose Fuentes, a staple in the Bay Area blading scene for over a decade. Among all of his accolades, Jose is credited as the 3D animator for the 2010 anti-masterpiece ‘Birdemic: Shock and Terror,’ an instant classic in the so-bad-it’s-good category. He was also […]