#30: Jay Cottrell

Jay Cottrell—or Young OG as he’d prefer to be known—is an oddball in the blade game and we love him because of it.

Off-mic and on blades, Jay is always about ad-libbing and just spitting out hilarious bits about fat women and his dreams to own his own hog farm. He’s a young man with big dreams.

On the podcast, he’s more reserved, talking about how Harriet the Spy became sexy, his ancestor that snogged Martha Washington, and getting stabbed in the face by Rutgers students.

Jay and his dog Jane stayed over at the Rock Town Garage for a few days before heading to England to visit his grandparents.

We also determined that there’s a good possibility Jay was the one I threw down a flight of stairs at a book release party, and we retell other house party stories that should probably die.

Either way, it was a good time.

Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans


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