Monthly Archives: August 2010

Blader Digest: Words About Stuff

It’s comp season. Well, there’s still a long way to go before the WRS finals, but  that only means there are comps going off everywhere. Last Man Standing looked like it was yet another HUGE event in NYC, even if it is “only” a four-star event for the World Rolling Series. I mean, shit, it […]

Blader Digest: Something About Don

Apparently, something happened with Don Bambrick and Razors. Some crime was committed involving a hot tub, and no, I’m not talking about the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. But everything seemed fine earlier this week. And then something happened. Maybe. And there seems to be a name also missing from this: Then again, it couldn’t […]

Food for Feet: Breakfast Sandwich

This is the first of many blading and food-related pieces from staff writer, Michael “Obe” Obedoza. When not out shredding for videos like Valo 4Life and Fade Nation Green, Chef Obe’s killing it in the kitchen with all sorts of delicious concoctions. In this column, Chef Obe will be showing us some good blading-inspired […]

Blader Digest: Mouth Breathing

I’d like to hand out the first-ever Official Blade Or Die Mouth Breather of the Month to a special (read: damaged) person who earned it repeatedly. Apparently, there is a large, grand conspiracy between “Jesus on rollerblades” and spritual skater Sean Cullen. It was one I was aware of, as were many people, but it […]

Blader Digest: This All Happened

If you’re into things like the 9th Annual Windy City Riot, seeing skaters you might not know, and people touring from Massachusetts to Upstate New York to Ohio to Indiana to Chicago to Iowa and STILL not anywhere near the end of their tour (and some 40+-year-old killer shredding), you should check out the Vagabond […]

BLader Digest: Short and Stupid

THIS LOOK FAMILIAR? You might have seen this image before. It’s one of Ms. Fabiloa Da Silva, otherwise known as the sports most visual female blader. Cameras flock to her as she has been winning comps all over the place. And apparently they call her up for auditions for a re-make of a Whitesnake video. […]