BLader Digest: Short and Stupid


You might have seen this image before. It’s one of Ms. Fabiloa Da Silva, otherwise known as the sports most visual female blader. Cameras flock to her as she has been winning comps all over the place.

And apparently they call her up for auditions for a re-make of a Whitesnake video.

Well, as I stumbled on this image again this week (and no, not in my NSFW folder on my hard drive), Ms. Da Silva got yet another medal for a competition.

The Bleacher Report compiled their list of the 15 Hottest X-Games Chicks of All-Time. Fabiola’s image above was the introduction slide.

But, we rollerbladers can take pride in knowing that our sport has the #2 hottest female X-Games athlete of all time.

Not bad considering Fabiola and the rest of us aren’t invited any more. (And I will stop there before it turns into another self-loating diatribe about how blading got cheated, wah, wah, wah)

Oh, and in case you’re lazy, here’s #1 on that list:

Maeghan Major — wakeboarder



If you’re looking for something to do this weekend and happen to live in SoCal, or maybe are one of those rich people who don’t have to worry about how much you pay for a last-minute flight, you should check out this:

If you’re one of those people who do not recognize the names of any of the featured artists, here’s a clue:

That’s right. An all-blader art show. That’s just sick on so many different levels. To the best of my knowledge — which doesn’t extend far — this has never been done before. Maybe it has, but either way, get in the car, plane, or skates or whatever it takes to get you there and get there.

Take that whole “support blading” cliche phrase everyone spits off all the time and make it mean something.

However, if SoCal is too far and the closest thing you know to a coast is the Mississippi River, come down and skate with your friends in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska at the Iowa River Rumble in Davenport, Iowa, on Saturday.

Sunshine Dist., AMall, Trust Mfg., and Valo hooked it up fat, as well as other sponsors, so when you’re bleeding all over the concrete, at least you’ll have some fresh clothes to put on.


Sorry it’s so short. I’m on vacation and vacation is all about staying away from something you spend too much time on when working — the internet.

Okay, I’m not that sorry.

Go out and blade.

Blade or Die,

Brian Krans

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