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#39: Pat Lennen

Wonder what happened with Pat Lennen? Most known for his stunt skating in videos like Leading the Blind and Drip Drop, Pat got his start by flipping over Ferraris. A pro for the K2 skate brand fresh out of high school, Pat talks about his purple pro skate, how he pulled off the tricks he […]

#38: Ivan Narez and Valo 4Life

Ivan Narez is an American rollerblader and filmmaker. We talk about the making of Valo 4Life, what skates spots are off limits, acquiring music rights, and other topics. Following the Q&A portion is another installment of the Blade Video DJ (#BVDJ) series with Valo 4Life, featuring music from Free the Robots, Jeff Stockwell, Sage Francis, […]

#37: Korey ‘Sneaky’ Waikiki

Korey Waikiki is an American rollerblader who recently received his first pro skate from Razors. We talk about Korey’s blading childhood in NorCal, his travels, brotherly influence, oversensitive people, having “stones,” and why Korey isn’t very competitive. You can listen to this and other episodes on iTunes and Sticher. Or you can directly download the […]

#36: Joey Scannella

Joey Scannella is a rollerblader from Staten Island, New York. After taking a break from blading, he started back up in 2009. As I took a similar break in college, we talked about what we missed, New York blading history, the Mushroom Blading influence, the radicalization of rollerblading, the realization we’re Millennials, and many names […]

Blader Digest: Chris Farmer and the $5 Pirate

When Chris Farmer’s VOD from Vibralux went live last week, many people gladly paid $4.99 for it. But, for a small window of time, if you Googled “Chris Farmer VOD” on your way to the Sellfy page, a YouTube link came up. Well, that fun is over. Now, if you use the same search terms, […]

Podcast: San Jose Street Comp

On Saturday, Aggressive Mall hosted the first San Jose Street Comp. Here’s your audio coverage of the event, including guest commentary from Korey “Sneaky” Waikiki, Jose Fuentes, B.J. Bernhardt, Joey and the Wolves Den Crew, and others. Support for this podcast by buying goods from Rock Town Press.  

Blader Digest: Shooting Baby Billy Ray’s Boobs [NSFW, Obviously]

If you’re here to see Miley Cyrus’ boobs because this is where Google told you to go, check them out: Yay! Hope you feel better. See you later. For the rest of you, you might be wondering what the Disney princess’ chest has to do with anything outside of fodder for enraged pedophiles who say […]

Blader Digest: 2013 Was a Damn Fine Year for Blading

In a few short weeks, we’re going to close out the 2013th year of our Lord. While the U.S. media is busy debating the ethnicity of he and his fat bastard uncle, Santa, we here at Blade or Die hope you get nothing but freshies in your stocking or under your Festivus pole. From saying […]

Blader Digest: Oakland Blade Jam (Or Why You Should Help Your Skate Park)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing quite like getting all of the homies together. Brian “BFree” Freeman put together one hell of a contest last weekend in lovely Oakland, Calif., the current home of skaters like Mr. Freeman, himself, Chris Dafick, Erik Stokely, Matty Schrock, Sean Salazar, Yeeter D., Kennan […]

Blader Digest: It’s Never Been Colder in the D

My Dearest Bitter Cold… I’ve hoped I’ve never had to write this. I imagined us growing older together. You have, after all, seen me from youthful optimism to the harsh reality of the gray hairs in my beard. I was hoping to one day usher in a son through your doors and explain, “Yes, my […]