#38: Ivan Narez and Valo 4Life

Ivan Narez is an American rollerblader and filmmaker.

We talk about the making of Valo 4Life, what skates spots are off limits, acquiring music rights, and other topics.

Following the Q&A portion is another installment of the Blade Video DJ (#BVDJ) series with Valo 4Life, featuring music from Free the Robots, Jeff Stockwell, Sage Francis, and others.

Check out Ivan’s latest film, “Hermanos,” available soon.


How to Win a Signed Copy of Valo 4Life (and five beer coasters)

To be entered into the raffle to win a DVD copy of Valo 4Life (signed by Ivan) and five beer coasters from the Valo 4Life world premiere, upload a screen shot of your favorite trick in Valo 4Life to Instagram. Tag me, @citizenkrans, and use the hashtag #BVDJ.

That’s Bravo, Vagina, Donut, Jose.

Once this episode reaches 200 downloads, I’ll pick a winner and send out the DVD, coasters, and other things I find lying around the Rock Town garage.

Here’s where you can snag some screen grabs:


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Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans


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