Monthly Archives: April 2011

Blader Digest: Give It Away, Now

If there’s one limited resource we all have, it’s time. We can always grow more trees and shit like that, but we can never get our time back. Never. I don’t give a shit if you have a Delorian with a Mr. Fusion on the back. That shit won’t work. You’re not getting any younger […]

Blader Digest: Taking Chances

Ah, yes, this funny thing called life. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Think of all what we have. Really, just stop for a minute. Last week, I wrote about that crazy little thing called love. It was fun to write because I didn’t waste any unnecessary time thinking about bad things, except for, you know, war, […]

Blader Digest: On Love

If you’re reading this, you’re human. Congratulations on that. Think of every animal that is jealous of you. Sure, it’d be super bad ass to be a bear or an eagle, or something, but every slug, pigeon, rat, and low-level organism would rather be human. Sure, being human has some drawbacks. There’s war… There’s genocide… […]