Monthly Archives: December 2015

#38: Ivan Narez and Valo 4Life

Ivan Narez is an American rollerblader and filmmaker. We talk about the making of Valo 4Life, what skates spots are off limits, acquiring music rights, and other topics. Following the Q&A portion is another installment of the Blade Video DJ (#BVDJ) series with Valo 4Life, featuring music from Free the Robots, Jeff Stockwell, Sage Francis, […]

#37: Korey ‘Sneaky’ Waikiki

Korey Waikiki is an American rollerblader who recently received his first pro skate from Razors. We talk about Korey’s blading childhood in NorCal, his travels, brotherly influence, oversensitive people, having “stones,” and why Korey isn’t very competitive. You can listen to this and other episodes on iTunes and Sticher. Or you can directly download the […]

#36: Joey Scannella

Joey Scannella is a rollerblader from Staten Island, New York. After taking a break from blading, he started back up in 2009. As I took a similar break in college, we talked about what we missed, New York blading history, the Mushroom Blading influence, the radicalization of rollerblading, the realization we’re Millennials, and many names […]

Blader Digest: Casey Jones on Rollerblades

I didn’t even know another Ninja Turtles movie was coming out. I thought the last five or six Michael Bay perversions of fond childhood memories had been enough. First Bay made Transformers horrible and then he turned Shredder into a Transformer. Why? Because shiny things and BOOM! That’s why. So the trailer for Teenage Mutant […]