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Blader Digest: The People’s Champion

I was told the title of this post should be “Rollerblading is Dead,” but I’ve heard that talk so many times that it’s become trite to the point of nauseating. But hell, I haven’t seen this people that riled up about a rollerblading contest since, well, last year. And, yes, I’m talking about the Sizemore/Cudot […]

Blader Digest: When Angry Youth Gets Old

So there I was, drinking a beer, putting fresh wheels on my skates, and watching Pariah. Sometime after B. Free ends a trick by jumping into a motel room and before Erik Stokely proved he’s got the best wall rides in the game, and I got to thinking, Man, this stuff is the shit. Really, […]

Blader Digest: Mr. Rogers Hates You

It’s good to be back. Thanks again to my buddy, Bruce Bales, for covering for me last week. I appreciated the break. Anyway, let’s start off with something I fully agree with: Good. Enough with that, let’s get preachy. Now here’s something we hope you really like… Selling Skating Our society is now one where […]

Blader Digest: Kill Yourself

A lot of shit went down this week, so there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. Let’s start with my favorite thing: bitchers (not to be confused with bitches). You know where this specific comment hailed from, and there have been thousands—millions maybe—like it before it. And, yes, oh yes, yes, yes… there’s the collective […]

Blader Digest: Living on the Edge

Stop reading this right now and set your DVR. Or do the old school thing and watch a TV as it airs. Here’s what you’ll be doing: You’ll watch House on Fox tonight. As you’re watching it, pay attention to the filming. If you haven’t heard already, blading legend Vinny Minton shot for the show […]