Hutch: Notes from a Love Child

Zac Hutchings is back again, this time even happier and more optimistic, a charming thing we hope our young Australian friend never loses, unlike the rest of us jaded old bastards here at Blade or Die. Again, he comes away with a strong, passionate message about what we all love. Without any other bullshit, here’s our grom from down under:

Hi there, it’s me once again.

Zac Hutchings here, coming to you with an optimistic viewpoint about a special day I hold very dear to my heart. That’s right, Valentines Day is not only the day where the world is supposed to rejoice over “love,” but it’s also the day that marks my birth.

As I write this it’s 1 o’clock in the morning, and I just got my laptop out after not being able to get to sleep. I currently listen to “Love Like A Sunset” by Phoenix (on loop) as I mash away at my keyboard about what currently seems like a good message.

Saint Valentines Day, according to Wikipedia is, “an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.”

Guess what?!?!

That’s not the half of it. Essentially we should be spending Valentines Day celebrating love.

Most spend their day rejoicing love with their girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, partner or anything of the such. However, understandably, the same as it has been for hundreds of years, not everybody will have someone like that to celebrate with this year.

If you are one of those people that believes they are going to be alone on Valentines Day, THINK AGAIN!

The Boss, Brian Krans, put it perfectly in an earlier article…

“Let’s all agree on one thing: we exist to love. To love a person, an idea, an ideal, or a deity, it makes no difference. We love.”

BAM! There it is, essentially the meaning of life, the basic foundations of a happy successful life in a line and a half…

The point here is that this Valentines Day if you haven’t had luck with romance, or you have just suffered heart break, or you’re scared to take the risk or whatever your reason is, your not alone.

You blade…

It’s as simple as that.

Check out this trailer for the Ground Control DVD (which, by the way, is a must buy, it’s brilliant.)

The voice-over at the end, in fact this film in general, proves my point exactly. Everyone that helped with this film clearly doesn’t see blading as just a sport. It’s more than that.

On Valentines Day this year, if you have someone that you can share this day with, then do so, spread the joy of love with others. If not, get some buddies together and skate.

Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you don’t have love.

When you put on your first pair of blades for the first time you entered a contract….

…a contract that doesn’t need to be written down or said out loud. You entered a contract of love. The love for skating, the passion, the motivation all of this is your contract. You have found something that will never leave you, from that first day you put on those skates you gained a lifetime of love from what is more than just a sport. People outside the scene don’t see it as that, they may think its dumb, or lame or uncool, but that never matters. It never has and it never will because YOU have found something that YOU love.

Even when blading pushes you down, whether it be a broken bone or some torn muscles or just a bruise, imagine it as a passionate kiss from the woman we call “rollerblading.”

This Valentines Day, alone or not, rejoice in love, because as bladers, we all have it, we always have and always will….

Blade or Die,

— Zac Hutchings

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