The Blader Digest Podcast Ep. 02: Mead Avenue Hustle

I lied. There is a second episode.

This time on the Rock Town Podcast, Krans sits down with Matty, Jay, and Moose at their apartment on Mead Avenue, one of Oakland’s most notorious drug havens. Besides open drug deals outside their living room windows, the boys talk lifelong flatrocker skating, the best riders to ever wear Salomans, living the dog’s life, and other fun things.

This episode features an unheard performance (recorded on a potato in July 2012) by Blower in the former Shredweiser house on Campbell Street.

This episode was recorded on Oct. 14, 2014.

Intro music provided by The Afterdarks.

RTP_02_ImageBlade or Die,

— Brian Krans

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  • Sean Money wrote:

    That bathroom was far from “good”

  • FUCK YEAH! Mead Hustlers laying down the realness of skating and life…Jay is one of the funniest dudes on the face of this earth.

  • What a load of shit, wasted an hour listening because I thought there might be an interesting discussion on flat setups – no such luck.

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