#40: Kevon Thompson

Kevon “Biz” Thompson is an American rollerblader, musician, filmmaker, and creator of the 2013 blading documentary “I’m Still Here”.

We discuss NorCal and SoCal, Black Market, Big Wheels as a gateway drug, making instant best friends with Gregory Preston in a middle school English class, who was behind ThemXNiggas, white dudes in dreads, how poetry and hip-hop intertwine, open mic events, and trends in Southern skating.

You can listen here, thanks to the fancy new player:


In 2013, he made the blading documentary “I’m Still Here,” which has more than 32,000 views on YouTube.

Follow Biz on Instagram as @TheBizOne.

Check out his music on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

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Blade or Die,
— Brian Krans

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