Blader Digest: A New Home

Facebook snake!

Ah, it’s nice to be able to stretch out when you’re given some room, isn’t it?

Thanks to Justin Hertel and the AMall family for hosting this column for the last few weeks, but alas, it was time to move out and get a place of our own.

Myself, Jose Fuentes, and a slew of random friends we can sucker into this thing thought it’d be fun to take a look at rollerblading — other than the parts in the boots. And we want to keep it simple so you can catch up on blading from your phone while you’re out living your life and not strapped to a computer more that you already are.

However, this column might be strangely familiar with a slightly new name. Get it?

Make sure to check out the digital life profile on Idaho’s Erik Bailey as he gives us a tour of Boise and his life via his iPhone.

So let’s start this off right…

Leading The Blind:

The Blading Renaissance channel on Vimeo is probably the coolest in blading right now.

While I’m not sure those guys in Russia have permission to be posting copyrighted material and they might need some Metallica-like backlash to their Napster-like antics, we still get to enjoy some anytime-we-want, mobile-ready, free hammers from rockstar bladers like Haffey, Broskow, Shima, Lennin and others.

Leading the Blind has been called the best blading video ever. That’s debatable. Then again, it’s still has some huge shit all this time after.

A note from Jero:

Dark nights in strange places

That trick — judging by Jon Bolino‘s reaction — might just be the 450 grabbed backslide 270 out around the 4:00 mark. That’s what happens when Nimh‘s golden boys travel to South America.

Watch all of that hot shit here:

Nimh South America Tour Part #3 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Montana…knows how to party

The Montana clan approves of this backside

Normally when you think of Montana, there’s mountains, some kind of animal being herded and flannel. Well, as Cameron Talbot shows us above, flannel is okay. So is blading underneath a make-shift rooftop party. And the kids over at Scumpire are making sure those antics aren’t going unnoticed, especially if they’ve got a a Wicked Ass Case of the Rat.

So here’s the latest from Big Sky Country.

Montana Valo Support Edit w/ Cam Talbott, Bruce Matler and freinds from jbarr on Vimeo.

Kids say the darndest things:

Not since Short Round in Indiana Jones has a little kid had such an impact on the outcome of film. Some shit-talking little product of a night with too much tequila and not enough protection special individual lets a blader who’s about to risk himself know what’s going on.

Chunk: “‘Cause you’re a wimp.”

Blader: “I’m going to prove you wrong kid, right here.”

As fate would have it, our intrepid friend in the boots wouldn’t be able to. Hopefully, someday we’ll see that guy land that sweaty in an edit or video somewhere.

What I find most amusing is what the person named the video.

WTF is a "douchetin"?

If you’re one of those sadist skaters, check out Rollernews for more pain and gory glory.

But, if you really want to learn how to do things correctly, here’s some instruction that was floating around FaceBook this week.

Front Said!

What’s Being Said:

Keeping tabs on the masses

Okay, that sounds good, but let’s check for a while about what’s being said on Twitter on a random Sunday night. But, before we do, let’s consider that Justin Bieber has been a top trending topic for longer than the little pop princess has been alive, thus proving once again: just because it’s popular doesn’t make the idea better.

Insert clever caption here

So, let’s go through these one-by-one.

No. 1 — I’m so confused. Did you break your arm and then hit the acorn? That must have been a big-ass acorn. Or maybe I’m dumb. Let’s not dwell on that and move on.

No. 2 — That’s called a Tuesday, holmes.

No. 3 — Boring.

No. 4 — Yes, the Dos Equis beer spokesman, also known as The Most Interesting Man in the World, did say that. Sadly, I used to like Dos Equis. Haven’t touched the stuff since he’s said those words. Coors has been doing just fine, thank you very much.

No. 5 — The best part about a joke is when you keep telling it over and over, repeating the same thing other people have said a thousand times. It only gets better when it’s come out of everyone’s mouth. That’s what she said! Jackass.

— Brian Krans


This column was probably a lot better the first time around. However, my roommate, ass-face video-maker Ivan Narez, decided to unplug my computer while I was writing it. It’s okay because he then proceeded to tell me the importance of saving often.

Please, pirate all of his videos.


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