Get to know Erik Bailey

Stretching the legs on the way to Seattle. Middle of nowhere at a rest stop in Oregon AO soul photo: Logan Mitchell

Erik Bailey has been a staple in our industry for a long time, countless sections, pro skates, wheels, you name it, he has been there and done it.  Erik lives what it is to be a  rollerblader to the fullest, but what happens when its the end of the day and the skates come off?

Have you ever wondered what he is like, his hobbies, etc?  Well, luckily you can read for your self directly from Erik in Boise, and from some people that have gotten to know Erik.  All the photos were taken by Erik unless otherwise noted.

“Erik is the shit, great dude. He’s for sure going to be in my wedding line up”
“when we were in barcelona I had the pleasure of meeting Erik’s dad, Pete. After a few drinks and getting to know him a lil’ better. I found out he’s just like Bailes, really chill, down to earth, w/ a good head on his shoulders. He also said something about Erik that I’ll never forget, he called him “Erik Dean…the fartin machine!’ Definitely lives up to his name” Victor Arias
Bailey is pretty much the man. He can true fishbrain like no other, grill a mean steak, and shotgun bite a fresh beer can on the streets of barcelona. You can either watch the skate video called “Bailey and friends”(more commonly as Shred Til You’re Dead) or anxiously wait till 4life drops in October to further instate my claims, just incase you have no idea what’s going on in the blade world and didn’t already know what I just told you. Ivan Narez

“Right now I’m getting ready to embark on the annual Valo Europe tour. It’s basically wrapping up the filming for the upcoming Valo 4 Life. I’m also nursing another ankle injury right now and Im hoping it heals quick and doesn’t give me much trouble on the road. I’m excited to see some old friends, its gonna be a really good tour either way.

Before I hurt myself I had been wrapping up filming for the shock video. Thanks Erik Bill for helping me film that. Off of the wheels I have been working on a motorcycle project. I picked up a Triumph t100 project I am trying to rebuild. I just started to strip it and pulled the motor. I will get some photos when its finished.”   Erik Bailey

I have spent more time blading here than anywhere else in my life. Why? I really dont know. I terrible yet awesome at the same time. You may remember that mini from elements 2, Matt Andrews does a line with a KG and a backside
Rhodes Park
Neurolux. This fine establishment is my neighborhood watering hole. Lots of great shows pass through here. Not to mention one of the finest jukeboxes this side the mississippi.
King Khan and the Shrines playing at the Neurolux. He wasn’t as pissed or as naked as I thought he would be
Casa de Bails. Thats where I rest. A stones throw from the skatepark and downtown.
These ducks showed up a couple weeks ago. They would just sleep in my yard all day so I started feeding em. Now whenever they are hungry they quack so loud I can hear them in the house.
I took this photo from my front yard. I spend quite a bit of time out here. Holding down the stoop, mowing the lawn…all sorts of bullshit.
Boise Co-op. This place has the best deli. So many options and fresh produce. Endless beer selection. I could go on and on about this place.
Just woke up, Gotta get that joe! Flying M makes a pretty tasty coffee.
Rhodes Park Circa 1996
Blade or Die Tattoo


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