Blader Digest: Still Hungover

I’ve been spending too much time writing lately. I’m 40,000 words into a 50,000-word novel that’s due by the end of the month. So, since I’m  hanging out with voices in my head, a good friend of mine, Bruce Bales, has decided to help a brother out and throw down some words.

God bless him for it.

Brian Krans

“Shit’s crazy.”

Krans at the Valo 4Life premiere in San Francisco.

The shit is crazy. Time seems to be moving faster than ever, but with that increase there has been a resurgence of positivity. So much is happening right now that if we take a few days we miss a great deal of things.

There’s still a lingering hangover coasting in my head from the 4Life premiere over three weeks ago. Strong times.

San Francisco itself is contagious. The fog seeps into your brain and slowly you go mad.

Here are a few minutes from my mad weekend:

S.F. Minutes for from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.

(Editor’s note: Peep Blade or Die family member, Chef Obe gapping his ass off.)

Definitely not a sissy

Mateusz Kowalsk i- “Not For Sissies” Hedonskate DVD from Mateusz Kowalski on Vimeo.

Mateusz Kowalski was the one blading that really caught my eye this week. The song immediately drew me in and by the second trick I was hooked. Mateusz put together a good one for the Hedonskate DVD “Not For Sissies.”

Everyone’s usual complaint of over used slow-mo won’t be an issue with this edit. It’s largely in your face and fast paced throughout, with several very solid lines. Making tricks look effortless doesn’t hurt Mateusz’ cause at all either. You might not agree, but that’s perfectly fine with me.

Iowat all day

Iowa Connection 2010 Halloween Session from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.

+ pictures from iowa-connection

Every scene should have a Halloween session. There is no experience which matches rolling around a town with a group of blading ghouls, yelling and screaming, and ripping everything in your path. The energy of our Halloween session is so strong we haven’t missed a year in a long while.

Andrew Gilpin as the Mad Hatter

Andrew Gilpin, of Iowa City, even borrowed a flat bed tow truck from his place of employment and equipped it with practice rails and PVC pipe on the edges. That is motivation and ingenuity if I’ve ever seen it. Andrew brought to light the fact that comes with blading maturation: we need to be more resourceful.

Caleb Smith, 540 off the truck

See more of the session at The Iowa Connection.

Doin’ work

There may be a myth that bladers are mostly worthless members of society, but in the last few months it has become increasingly apparent to me this is not the case.

I know many bladers who hold in down in their respective fields. If I could think of a way to form a company that would benefit from all my friends’ talents, I would. I can see it now. Brian Krans as Propaganda Minister. Tyler Noland as Bear Slayer. Ryan Miller as Chief Electrician. Dante Muse as Speed Expert.

In all reality, Krans has said it before, we’ve got a lot of talent outside blading. I see more and more people relying on their talents others than blading to help blading along. And, we should continue to do this.

Show off your skills a little bit, and don’t be deterred by idiots on Rollernews or that fat kid on the message board. Everyone’s a piece of the puzzle of blading, and the way it’s expanded needs to be used for the better.

(Insert certified Krans’ excuse of being drunk when I wrote this column.)

Losing our god damn minds

With winter approaching, consciousness is shifting. Let us not forget blading in the new year. Let us all make it a goal to do something for blading because we know damn well blading has given us a gifts every time we strap up.

I’m not as good of a writer as Krans, and I don’t pretend to be, but I write this column in hopes that everyone can take something positive into their day. We are all doing things, and I can’t wait to see what is next. Blading is stronger than ever.

If you have any issues with my column take it up with Krans, he runs this looney bin.

Blade or Die,

— Bruce Bales


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