Yes, Deadpool is a rollerblader.

After dozens of trailers and tons of super effective marketing, the first of at least two Deadpool movies came out this weekend.

And by came out, it demolished numerous box office records, including opening weekend for a comic book and R-rated movie.

Some comic book movies include references that non-comic book readers really have to search to understand. The opening sequence was full of them, along with the rest of the movie.

Since I enjoy comic books but couldn’t afford them growing up, I’m treating my inner child by submersing myself in the comic book universes. To comic book aficionados, I’m a hack, but I don’t care.

there will be some SPOILERS from here on, although not major ones.

As soon as I saw the movie, I watched all of the “Easter Egg” response videos, my favorite being Mr. Sunday Movies because he went for it by attempting 100 of the Easter eggs.

Still, he—and every other video explaining every detail of the movie—missed a very important one that many of you have already pointed out on social media.

Screen shot 2016-02-17 at 2.35.18 PM

In the movie, pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson was helping a young woman with a stalker problem. After clearing up the issue, he meets the victim at a skate park as skateboarders cruised around him.

(Leeside Skatepark in Vancouver, B.C., to be exact, thanks to blader Dustin Lee.)

Wade says, with a bit of sarcasm in his voice…

“Should have brought my rollerblades, show these kids how it’s really done.”

Pretty cool, huh? Well, in the way Deadpool’s writers go, it’s not just a simple, innocuous comment.

Some people online speculated his comment was in reference to Ryan Reynolds character Van Wilder, but as we all know, there’s a huge difference between roller skates and rollerblades.

Why Deadpool Really Wanted His Rollerblades

In one way, it could have been referencing this particular cover:


But if you think that’s the case, you don’t really know Deadpool.

And, no, he wasn’t part of the Rollerblade Hooligans from Spider-Man.


In all likelihood, it stems from a little part in Deadpool Vol. 2 #15, as Comic Newbies were so gracious to upload. It came out in 2009.

Essentially, D. Pooly is having his usual hallucinations at sea, is rescued by a cruise ship, and ends up in San Francisco. While contemplating the whole killing-people-for-money, he goes about the fair city.

But, instead of standing out in his red and black costume, he dons something he feels will help him fit in better…







You see, even a homicidal, schizophrenic serial killer for hire will catch some flack for his style, but there are still people who love him.

As far as superheroes go, I’ll take Deadpool and Casey Jones any day.

Seems like blading attracts psychos with a heart for vengeance.


Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans

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