Podcast #26: Wax Caddy

Building stuff is fun, especially if you get to blade it.

Host Brian Krans talks to himself about scrounging for materials for his home rail box on Craigslist free ads, how the details make the difference, and making new mistakes.



Taking a look at what materials I had and what could be done with them.

Using brackets to reinforce the center piece, rail supports, and the Ikea-style reinforcements.


Friday and the basic skeleton of the box.



One of the final touches was making the wax caddy, a place to hold my wax, keys, phone, and other junk I have on me when I skate.

Total cost for the project was under $100 thanks to some good Craigslist free finds.

To support the podcast, order goods from RockTownPress.com.

Intro music is “Devils Poker” and the outro music is “I Ain’t Dead Yet,” both by The Afterdarks.



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