Podcast #19: Brandon Ford

For episode 19, we’re lucky to have guest Brandon Ford, a staple of the Boston blading scene.

You can directly download the audio file here.

Here’s a sampling of Brandon’s skills…


This week Brandon drove a 26-foot Penske truck from Boston to move the furniture for three more people in the already overpopulated Bay Area.

Upon reaching Oakland after three and a half days on the road, Brandon stopped by the Rock Town garage, where I filled him in on the latest news in blading, including blading in the Olympics and the Jenner effect.

Yo I can’t I love when my sister is in town. @kidboyikid skates

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We also talked about Brandon’s last trip to the Bay, neighborhood crime, the power of good weed, solving the California drought with beer, conspiracy theories regarding Middle Earth, the mindset of mass shooters, and why dogs make the best homies. MurphCess

A friend recently unearthed 100 clips of Brandon from his younger years, so be on the look out for that, as well as the edit he’s currently working on.

I had a good time hanging out with Brandon, so I hope you enjoyed the podcast.


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And so you all know, I worked for Brandon the next day. We moved two former Bostonians into their new homes in San Francisco. My Fitbit went wild as I tried to keep the sweat rolling off my forehead from splashing all over other people’s stuff.

But I’m proud to say, furniture mover is yet another job title I can add to things I’ve done while freelancing.

Until next time, put some blades on your feet and have yourself a good time.

Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans


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