Hutch: The Times to Live For

So we aren’t dead yet, thats a plus. Someone should use time travel to go give the finger to the Mayans for being lying douche fags. Who told them they can just lie about something like that and get away with it?

But nonetheless we are all still alive for the time being, which is great.

Personally I would absolutely hate dying before I have seen the rest of ‘Shred ‘Till You’re Dead II’ which I have to watch in parts as it comes out every week because I am too poor. If you are also in the same boat, make sure you are watching that shit because it is seriously the most chilled out and just down to earth skate movie out.

If you aren’t with the times go and watch that shit now!

If you aren’t poor, don’t be a dick, buy that shit, support blading…. yada yada.
Anyhow, to get to the point of this article: it’s important you understand the general idea behind the Shred tour.

As Shred II was unveiled online, we learned it was built around the idea of just getting some good homies together and going on a skate trip and just having good times. That’s really the best way I can describe it.

However I think I can better grasp the idea by sharing my own experiences on a recent blade trip with my homies.

The Bundaberg Skate Trip

(in order from the left) Jamie Sims, Brad Cox, James McErlain, Myself, Zachary Soole and Robert Kellett made a little four-hour trip up the coast to my home town of Bundaberg, Queensland, STRAYA!

The trip was originally my idea to just go and stay at my parents place and skate all the parks in that area and just have a sweet weekend near the beach skating, and that is exactly what it was. Aside from making a photo journal and getting clips for Brads little promotion of the new Razors Silhan skates now available at Skatebiz.
Some notable tricks of the trip were Jamie Sims’ full cab Kindgrind on an extension at Innes Park Bowl, Rob Kellett’s massive transfer from a half pipe into a really small quarter at Bargara Skate Park, Brad Cox’s 180 Mute Grab at Woodgate Halfpipe/Bowl (below) and Zac Soole’s steezed 180 Gap at Childers Skate Park below.

We had a crazy fun weekend, and made some great memories. I think I can safely talk for the rest of the group when I say we all wish the trip didn’t end as quickly as it did. Three days just isn’t enough.

On the drive home a lot of funny shit happened. More notably was when we were trying to get a decent group photo and were just all way too tired to concentrate long enough. It didn’t help that we were getting a photo in front of a giant kangaroo statue and there were hundreds of sleeping ducks to annoy.

I remember saying to the guys on our drive back to Brisbane that ‘these are the times we live for’.

That one sentence pretty much sums up the whole weekend, at the end of the day its the memories that have the most value and getting your buds together and going away for a weekend to skate is surely a great way to make some memories.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you have never been on a skate trip seriously do it. If its something you have thought of doing and just been to lazy to get it organized seriously just put in the effort, it is well worth it.
If you have never considered it I hope you do, I am sure everyone could set up something small for a few days with your best skating friends.

James McErlain made a comment about the trip and I quote, “if it wasn’t for skating the group of us wouldn’t even know each other.” It wasn’t said in anyway to make us all have a big moment of clarity it was rather just a passing comment he made as we skated.

However, as simple as it is, that statement just makes skating worth it. I am willing to bet that most bladers could happily say that there best buds are also bladers and if it wasn’t for skating you wouldn’t even know each other. So take the time to celebrate that by getting a trip organised.

Hell, don’t even organise it!

Follow the Shred guys’ idea and just hop in a van and drive.

Make it your New Years Resolution to go on a trip. I promise you, it will be a great memory, and if you don’t believe me… then well………….

Fuck you!

Blade or Die,

— Zac Hutchings

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