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Just like it has always been, ever since the Big Bang…or Jesus…or the creation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…or whatever it is you believe in, the world still turns, time moves forward and life as we know progress.

Progression in life is seen in many ways. Evolution is one of the best examples for all those who believe in it, but I really don’t want to start any arguments. However for those who don’t believe in evolution, this video should enlighten you:

Progression is also seen in technology advancements, social trends and yes, even blading.

Most of you, in fact, all of you should know your history about how blading used to be and would be able to compare it what blading is now. But progression is always forward. You can’t progress backwards so it’s safe to say everything that has happened to the blading industry has been a move forward. The latest big progression is the prolific use of carbon fiber and other materials, the new Xsjado skate, and release of the new Remz skate followed by a great edit by the Am team.

Since the start of the industry, blading has seen some amazing changes. Tricks were created and refined and we are now at the stage were you really can’t see anything that new. Except for whenever the Yasutoko Brothers touch a vert ramp and Dave Lang’s 1260, this is the first 1260 I have seen so I thought it was pretty cool!

If this is the truth then why do we still enjoy watching online edits and skate DVD’s?

It’s because more so than any other action sport, blading has progressed to be something further than just a sport. It’s a culture. There’s new terrain all the time and standing out as a blader these days seems to be about doing the same tricks that many have done before on harder obstacles.

The blading culture has become bigger than people can see. To those involved, it’s clearly the best thing the world has seen and those outside of the scene still don’t have a clue. However I personally think we are starting to get more attention. As Master Krans discussed in his latest article, he and his San Francisco homies are getting watched while they tear up a couple p-rails in front of many clueless civilians during Sunday Streets.

Street skating always attracts a couple of keen eyes of people who either used to skate or have respect for something that is clearly fucking awesome. And for the icing on the cake, in my local area I have noticed a lot of older men getting back into skating. Not too seriously, but they buy a pair of skates and come have a shred every once and a while. And if we have gotten to the stage where the older bladers have gotten the inspiration to get back into it then we aren’t doing too badly.

What I love the most about where blading is at now is that the blading culture has literally become a lifestyle based around not giving a fuck and having lots of fun.

For the last 6 months my weekends have consisted of convoying around Brisbane and the Gold Coast with some of the most down to Earth people I know just skating and generally having a great time. Most of the time we probably spend more time stuffing around and looking for skate spots more than actually skating and I couldn’t ask for anything more because I feel like thats what it really means by being apart of the blading scene.

Over this 6 months we have been helping our good friend Rob Kellet film clips for a full profile and the Roll the Edit Comp. Rob has skill for days!

I truly believe that this is what the crux of blading is at this point.

In the Brisbane area, we are 200+ bladers of all ages, backgrounds and skating abilities yet we all have so much fun! Going out on weekends and skating or just stuffing around, having spitball wars between cars in a car park and just generally living a fun life with some of the greatest guys you will ever meet! I feel that is where blading is at now, and its fucking awesome!

For those who don’t feel the same about progression in blading this is for you.

Progression can be seen in a positive or negative light depending on the opinion of the individual. Blading has changed in many ways. Contests used to consist of Street Jams, Vert Jams and downhill runs as seen in Airborne.

But a lot of that has been scrapped now and we have progressed more towards a street skating culture. Blading is now getting in the record books thanks to Chris Haffey. Old brands have died out, new brands have come through, and some have purely progressed (Nimh to SSM).

And blading has just become more about the people, all having fun tearing up park and street and living life to the fullest. This is clearly not a bad thing and for those who aren’t content with the blading scene then you need to get your doctor to look up your ass and see what you have shoved up there! Blading is siiiiiiiiiccckkk!

While we still live in a world where time can’t be altered to move faster, perseverance is key. Bruises, scars, broken bones, and broken hearts will all heal as long as you realize that you are here on this world living at the same pace as everyone else. You are in it for the long haul.

Whether you take this on board towards blading or not its still a good message to remember in life. No matter how bad things get or seem, time does what it has always done, it moves forward and your life will keep progressing…

Unless some weird ass Inception-cross-Matrix-crass-Doctor-Who shit goes down, but if it did, fuck blading! Imma be a Vigilante!!!

Blade or Die,

— Zac Hutchings

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