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#66: Trump and the Riots

Sometimes I talk to myself. This time it’s about covering the 2016 election, rollerblading through the protests and riots that followed in Oakland, and the ramifications of underestimating the “fly over states.” The music at the second break is “The Last Days of Oakland” by the Fantastic Negrito. (You should buy the full album.) You can download the […]

#65: Omar, B. Free, and the Oakland Blade Jam

Now in it’s fourth year, the OBJ is getting back to the streets this Saturday, starting at Madison Park in Oakland. Right near the Lake Merritt BART station, if you’re in the Bay, there’s no reason to stay away. Omar, B. Free, and I talk about the comp, a few things that are resting heavily on […]

#64 Matt Lewis

Hello, and welcome to the Rock Town Podcast. Matt Lewis is the founding editor of the zine-turned-literary journal, The Radvocate, which publishes poems, fiction, non-fiction, art, photography, and illustrations by bladers and non-bladers alike. A publication of So Say We All, a non-profit in San Diego, it recently released its 14th issue. (Psst…buy it by […]

#63: Aaron Powell

Aaron grew up in the Bay, but took some prime time off from skating. Now that he’s all in again, he’s been a consistently great homie for a session. Now, he’s heading to Portland. We talk about why he’s moving up north to Oregon, not missing Bay Area traffic, working at AMall, Trigger skates, and […]

#62: Children of the Night

Children of the Night was the first team video from Medium wheels. Released in 1996, the video featured skaters like Dustin Latimer, Brian Shima, Pat Lennen, Robert Lievanos, Jake Elliot, and featured music from Metallica, Steppenwolf, The Who, AC/DC, Megadeth, and more. You can download the episode directly here, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. Huge […]

#61: Michael ‘Obe’ Obedoza

Known simply as Obe, Michael Obedoza is a major source of positivity in rollerblading. We talk about what’s left of Xsjado, his Thrive Inline skate classes in Carson, getting new people to skate, and so much more. He even fields a few questions from the Rock Town Podcast’s Xsjado correspondent Das of DST and the […]

#60: Dayton Coopersmith

Dayton Coopersmith is a “triple OG” rollerblader who influenced many of today’s great skaters. We discuss almost getting kicked out of the Extreme Games, skipping school to film for Hoax 2, teaching Jon Julio to ride ramps, Rise Above, the Sea Otter Classic, skateboarding propaganda, and getting respect at the skate park. You can download […]

#59: Octavio ‘Paco’ Montano

Our good buddy Octavio Montano is leaving the Bay Area soon, so we wanted to bring him by for a little chat. Octavio, better known as Paco, loved his time in Montana during the NWST so much he’s moving there next month. We discuss life in Montana, blading styles, wheel manufacturers, potentially racist nicknames, and […]

#58: Forecast

The Forecast Trade Show was held July 9, at the Skate House in Chatsworth, Calif. This episode features 14 interviews with people inside the industry, including Michael Obedoza, Dave Lang, Matt Mickey, Robert Lievanos, Geoff Acers, Erick Garcia, Gil T, Brad and Chad Anthony, and more.  You can download the episode directly here, or on […]

#57: Steve Collis and Patrick Ridder

Steve Collis (UK) and Patrick Ridder (DE) spent some time in the USA lately, including our house in Oakland, so it’s only fitting we get something down on record. We talk about the changed relationship between their countries after Brexit, the NWST, Europe’s lasting influence on rollerblading, and much, much more. You can download the […]