#133: Filthy Fiesta 3 Primer

Hey! Come win a loaf!

Filthy Fiesta 3 is going down at noon on Oct. 12 at Third and Army in San Francisco, Calif. The last two events have been hella fun because they’re not competitions. They’re fiestas.

Phil, Cameron, ESG and Krans talk about past events, including the beloved long-jump contest complete with motorized acceleration. We find out what’s in store this time, which could include getting roped, winning a loaf, and skating a BJ Bernhardt custom-made DIY obstacle.

We also offer tips on what you should bring to create the best possible experience. For starters, mark it on your calendar: Oct. 12. Noon. Third and Army. San Francisco.

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Don’t forget to check out Gary Magill’s edit from Filthy Fiesta 2 in March.

filthy fiesta 2 from GM Films on Vimeo.

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