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#84: B. Free (w/ Challe Walle and Augustin)

We’re pretty sure Brian “BFree” Freeman has been on the show more than anyone else. BFree recently moved back to Oakland from San Francisco, and, as of this recording, was 34 days into a long-term blading binge. Flanked by Challe Walle and Augstin, we talk about blading love, getting out and doing it every day, […]

#83: Steven Johns

It’s swapcast time! Steven Johns is a long-time SoCal staple in skating, tattooing, and general blade culture. He’s started his own podcast, called The TruSpin Podcast, so we talk about that, as well as hear from him trying to steer me away from talking about modern politics. And other fun topics. Follow the show on […]

#82: Magill, Dobbs, and Beltran

The effects of Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire were felt all over the country, including Fresno, Calif. Gary Magill, Erik Beltran, and Coty Dobbs are three Fresno skaters currently living in the Bay Area. We talk about Fresno’s beloved and now gone Art House, the documentary about it, and the Ghost Ship’s effect on artist spaces. […]

#81: Jon Fromm

If you come to Oakland, expect to be on the podcast. Jon Fromm is a Florida-raised shredder living in San Diego who was in the Bay for work and vacation. We talk about his many, many travels, the new Razors’ Shift skate, catching a black eye at Pow-wow, and more. Follow him on social media: […]

#80: Kirk Chang & Mike Jimenez

There was the IMYTAs, the Kind Grind Classics, the Aggressive Laughing Association. But they are no more. Looking back ­on NorCal blade history, Kirk Chang & Mike Jimenez noticed a deficit in street contests. So they’re doing something to fill the void by throwing the Lux Street Open on Sept. 30 in lovely downtown San […]

#79: Andrew Scherf and Dan Howard

Phoenix is a hot place in June. Like 120 degrees (49 C) hot. Since it was too hot to skate, Andrew Scherf and Dan Howard podcasted in air-conditioned hotel room. We talk about the damn heat, trends in rollerblading, and things that want to kill me in the desert. You can directly download the episode here, or […]

#78: Adam Bazydlo

Adam Bazydlo (a.k.a. Bladezilla) is a hammer-foot drop-rail skater from the South. You may recognize him from his solo sessions on Instagram, the cover of ONE Magazine, or from the new VOD, “Moments in Time.” Adam came to the Bay Area with his wife, Kaydee, to visit friends. So, naturally, Phil Moore and I had […]

#77: Blader Union

If you’re like me, you’re realizing that Facebook isn’t the best place to get your news, especially if you’re behind on the latest VOD. For a long time, rollerblading has deserved a better solution to aggregating blading content besides Rollernews. That’s why Daniel Nodzak and Travis Stewart—the moderators of /r/rollerblading on Reddit—started The site […]

#76: Feet Four

If you’re as big of a fan of the Feet video series as we are, you’ll be pumped to hear that Feet 4 is in motion. Lonnie Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Jonathan Labez, Rob Guerrero, and Mike Obedoza visited Oakland for the weekend to get clips for Feet 4. After a full day of skating, we […]

#75: Ian Walker (feat. Taylor and Malm)

It’s always nice having friends over. Hailing from Denver, Ian Walker is an avid filmmaker, the king of the Scumpire, and an overall really nice weirdo. Our conversation goes many places, not stopping shy of guns, gimps, and other family-friendly topics. Danny Malm and Taylor Kobryn add to the catastrophe that is this episode. While […]