#60: Dayton Coopersmith

Dayton Coopersmith is a “triple OG” rollerblader who influenced many of today’s great skaters.

We discuss almost getting kicked out of the Extreme Games, skipping school to film for Hoax 2, teaching Jon Julio to ride ramps, Rise Above, the Sea Otter Classic, skateboarding propaganda, and getting respect at the skate park.

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Here is the edit from 1992 we discuss at the beginning of the episode:

This episode was recorded at Monterey High School using a custom podcast studio I built into a vintage roller skate case.


With nearly 250 miles roundtrip on a Sunday, the gas money was covered by our supporters on Patreon: Trudy, Dustin, Edward, Jose, Nate, Steve, Alexander, Zach, Basti, Jon, Levi, Sean, and Brad. (Thanks, Dayton, for buying me lunch.)

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