#51: Trap House (feat. Ivan Narez)

Sometimes I talk to myself. 

This time I ramble nonsense inside my new office (a former grow room) about messing up a podcast with Jon Julio, donating to Schmidty’s Ramp & Camp, buying—but not watching—Cayenne, and more.

I’m soon joined by my former and current roommate, Ivan Narez. We talk about adult stuff like buying vans, taxes, credit, and Valo 6.

You can download the episode directly here, or on iTunes or Stitcher

It’s always worth recognizing our Patreon supporters, otherwise known as those who make this podcast possible. Huge thanks to Trudy, Dustin, Edward, Jose, Nate, Steve, and our latest homie: Alexander Linde.

Here are some relevant links:

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Buy the Cayenne Project on Sellfy and check out thecayenneproject.com.

CAYENNE | Trailer from Cayenne Project on Vimeo.

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Click here for the official IRS instructions about requesting an extension for filing your taxes.

Oh, look! We’re on Google Play, too.

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Blade or Die,

— Brian Krans


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